Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Increase operational giving before school gets out!

Leaders in churches are trying to find ways to maximize dollars these days more so than ever.  Many church budgets have suffered over the past 18 months.  Finance teams and leadership teams have been in reactive mode.

I was talking with a finance team member of a local church the other day and we were discussing the tough situation the finance team has been in.  They have had to cut staff positions so much that it is affecting the way his church is doing ministry.  My experience with finance teams is they have always been good stewards and this finance team is no different.  His comment was “We don’t have a spending problem; we have a revenue problem.”  Is that your church?

Here are three proactive suggestions for your church to consider in an attempt to raise operational giving before school gets out.  I can’t guarantee they will work, but if they don’t I will take you to lunch and offer you three more suggestions that might work better in your church.

1.  Have your pastor preach at least a 3 week sermon series on financial stewardship before school gets out in May.  Teach biblical stewardship to the people.  If the pastor doesn’t teach it, who will?

2.  Have the finance chair of your church give a financial update in worship before school gets out in May.  Give your “shareholders” a first quarter financial update.  All of the corporations do it.  Why should our churches be any different?  I would recommend you do it on Sunday, April 18.  That Sunday will be a well attended Sunday in most churches and you will have had time to get a thorough first quarter presentation in place. 

3.  Intentionally celebrate generosity in worship at least 3 times before school gets out.  It doesn’t have to be financial generosity, but generosity in action that is worth celebrating.

Will your church take this challenge?  Let me know if you do and the results.

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