Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Plan for increased giving in your church

Originally posted February 23, 2010

Generosity comes from the heart and a church with a culture of generosity will be contagious. Creating that culture needs to be carefully planned out. With listening, dialogue, and prayer the leaders of a church can put a master plan together that will lead its’ people to becoming more generous people.

The vision for generosity in your church has been cast by the leaders, the vision for having an ‘alive and vibrant culture of generosity in your church’ has been discussed by the team and the generosity vision has been embraced by the team; what’s next; Hard work.

Creating or enhancing the current culture of generosity in your church will take a lot of hard work. Most people are not afraid of hard work if they feel the cause is worthy. In fact most people in our churches crave what Jim Collins in his book Built to Last calls a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). As people we want to be a part of something bigger than we are. We crave and desire to be on a team that is accomplishing life changing goals. Such a BHAG deserves our best effort and our best plans. Many people in your church are gifted with the gift of planning.

What does a “Culture of Generosity Game Plan” look like? While each plan will be slightly different in each church just like every baseball team I coached was different, there are certain fundamentals we all will want to utilize every time.

1. You will need a Generosity Team. You may already have a stewardship committee or generosity team. If so, you are ahead of the game a little. If you do not have a functioning team which focuses on stewardship and generosity I would strongly encourage you to begin the process.

2. You will need a timeline or a calendar. When you are leading the charge and leading people toward a culture of generosity you better have a timeline or a calendar to keep you on track as much as anything else. People want to know ‘where we are going and how are we going to get there?’ What should be on the calendar?

     i. Meeting dates.

     ii. Big events for the church, local schools, and the Generosity Team.

     iii. Sermon Series. If you choose the ‘holistic approach’ (which I recommend) you will need to know

         when the pastor is preaching on generosity and what he/she will be preaching about.

     iv. Education emphases. Whether it is Sunday school, small groups, personal finance courses, children

          youth or adults, everyone needs to know when the generosity/stewardship studies are going to take


3. You need to get going.

     a. 2010 is already two months old.

     b. When is the first meeting of your Generosity Team going to be?

     c. When are you going to begin asking people to be on the Generosity Team? Today would be a good

         day to start.

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