Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Good news on the construction front?

Originally posted February 10, 2010

I was at basketball practice for my son last week and I had a conversation with another coach that I know from church. Chris Steele of STEELE+ was excited about a day with a client of his in Chattanooga, TN. Propex Brands has hired Chris and his team to help them make a splash in the home building market with the launch of a new roofing underlayment product called Opus Roof Blanket.

Propex feels like they have weathered the storm of the recession. In preparation for a tough economy they streamlined in 2008 in order to make it through. They have come out on the other side and have been taking advantage of a wealth of available talent in their industry due to reductions in force from other builders and marketing executives around the country. Propex feels they are poised to make a big impact in the residential construction market nationwide.

In talking with Chris he was quite excited about this new client.¬† “I think the point I was most excited about is that the advertising budget of companies is the FIRST to get cut when bad times hit, and the LAST to come back after the economy rebounds. The fact that we landed a significant new client who produces products for new home construction and are spending serious marketing dollars to promote their brands is the clear sign to me that our economy is on the upswing.”

I post this as an encouragement to everyone who reads. The econonmy is showing signs of slowly coming back to life. Many businesses and people are tied to the building industry and GENERIS is no different. The conversation left me encouraged about 2010 for Chris and his company STEELE+, Propex, and the rest of us.

We will see what happens.

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One reply on “Good news on the construction front?”

I’ve seen some bond financing available for church construction where the only requirement is that the congregation has been assembled for a certain amount of years, and they can obtain an amount equal to a certain factor times the annual contributions/revenue of the congregation. Seems to be a viable option for lots of small churches with faithful followings.

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