Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Generosity: Take it personally

Originally posted January 22, 2010

There are not many things in our lives that are more personal and private than our finances.  We are reluctant to talk about money.  The number one cause of divorce is typically something surrounding money and communications within the couple about how to handle their finances.  I have had more than one pastor tell me that in counseling sessions couples are often times much more willing to talk about their sex lives than their finances.  We talk about finances being a very private and personal topic, but do we take giving personally. 

To take something personally means that particular item is important to you.  You think about it a lot.  You often times talk about it a lot.  You are often times passionate about it.  So, do you take giving personally? 

Over half of Jesus’ parables deal with stewardship.  The only time the scriptures describe Jesus being angry was with the money changers in the temple.  One of the most famous stories in all of the Bible is the story of the Widow’s mite where Jesus praised the widow’s sacrifice and not the amount of money she gave.  Good stewardship and giving was personal to Jesus.  He obviously thought about it a lot, He certainly talked about it a lot and He was definitely passionate about it.

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