Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Non-profits out compete churches

Originally posted – December 2, 2009

I read a blog posting today from Mark Clement, spoke to Ben Stroup and had dinner with Josh Newton, Senior Associate Vice President Arts & Sciences Development at Emory University.  All three had one theme in common today; non profits are out competing the church for the tithe.

I get asked all the time why is it that non profit organizations other than churches receive large sums of money for their organization.  The short answer is they ask for it.  The longer answer is the successful non profits create and nurture relationships with their donor base, cast compelling and life changing vision to their donor base, and they allow their donors to participate in a hands on way with their organization.  According to Josh Newton “People in their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s don’t just want their name on a scholarship anymore.  They want to meet the student who received the scholarship.  They want their children to meet the student who received the scholarship.  They want to have the student over for dinner.  They want to keep up with the student after graduation.  They want to participate in their giving.  They don’t just want to write a check.”

There is much more to this discussion and debate, but three men from different walks of life all communicated the same vision with me today; in order for people to give their hard earned money to an organization, they need to see how the organization changes lives and how the dollars they give will go directly to changing people’s lives. 

Do our local churches communicate that type of vision?

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