Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

Generous love in action

Originally posted – November 22, 2009

A close friend of mine is battling cancer. Sharon has been battling for over 5 years now and the treatment is beginning to wear her down. Her energy level is very low and the pain is pretty intense. Her husband, Bill, is a dear friend of mine and was a part of a small group I was in about 6 years ago. We were together in that group for 2 years and that group became unbelievably close. It was one of those life experiences none of us will ever forget. We remain close to this day even though it has been 4 years since we met every week.

The grind of treatment has been wearing the entire family down and everyday activities are now sometimes becoming challenging. Bill asked several of the guys in the group if we could help them decorate the house for Christmas. All of the group was able to come today except for one. Not only did the men come, but thankfully the wives and many of the children were there as well.

I was late due to a conference call but when I got there it was a thing of beauty; generosity in action. There were men outside putting up lights and wreaths and when I walked inside the tree was up and almost completely decorated. There were people everywhere working on the various tasks while Sharon and her mother were on the couch offering guidance and instructions for the various decorations placement around the house. It was a beautiful sight.

Everyone was so comfortable with each other and everyone was busy decorating, visiting, eating or all of the above. I was able to pause and reflect on the scene and realize this was probably the most real life thing I have been a part of in a while. I looked around and saw men that I would go to war with and without a doubt they would do the same for me. The people in that house are the people that I do a lot of life with and I want to continue to do life with for the rest of my time.

I witnessed true friendship and love. People giving of their time to a family that asked for our help with something as personal as decorating their house for Christmas. In this week of Thanksgiving I am most thankful for friends; true friends.

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