Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

End of year giving

Originally posted – November 30, 2009

December is traditionally the month of the church financial calenar which yields the most dollars to the annual budget.  Some churches will receive as much as 20% of their income in December!  Many finance teams count on this strong giving in December to close a defecit which may have accumulated during the year.  As 2009 concludes I would encourage all pastors, staff, and finance team members not to rely on past giving trends in December to automatically happen this year.  This has been a tough year for many.  So what can you do to help increase the chances that December will be a good giving month?  Here are three suggestions:

1.  Thank your people.  Thank your people in worship.  Thank your people by letter.  Thank your people by email.  Thank your people by phone tree.  Thank your people by video.  Thank those who give over a certain dollar amount ($10,000 annually for instance) in person.  Set up a time for coffee or lunch or the like and tell your major givers thank you for giving so generously to the mission and ministry of the church. 

2.  Encourage your people.  Encourage your people with the message on Sunday mornings that God is there in the difficult times.  Encourage your people by letter to continue to trust God in their giving.  Encourage them by email to give to the special offerings available at their church during the Christmas season.  Encourage your people in video to consider giving to those right in their own congregation who are hurting during this tough economic time.  Encourage your major givers in person ($10,000 annually for instance) to consider the church even more this year in their end of year giving.

3.  Celebrate the generosity of your people.  Celebrate generosity in worship with live testimonies from people whose lives have been radically transformed due to the mission and ministry of your church.  Celebrate generosity by letter by sharing stories of missionaries sponsored by your church.  Celebrate generosity by email connecting them to web links of different local ministries your church supports through the general budget.  Celebrate generosity by video with interviews of local people your church’s generosity has made an impact on.  Video the people that would be hard to have in worship on Sunday mornings.  Celebrate generosity in person with your major givers in a group setting by sharing the God given vision you have received for 2010 and beyond.  Ask your major givers to help you cast vision.  Celebrate with them the recent victories their generosity has helped achieve and dream about the ones to come. 

Thank your people for being generous.  Encourage your people to continue to be generous.  Celebrate the life change in people due to the generosity of your people.

BTW: don’t just do this at the end of the year:).  This stuff should always be in the top 3 of your to do list for each day.

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