Alan Wildes

Alan Wildes

A Generous God

Originally posted – December 23, 2009

I lost a very good friend last week to a 5 year battle with cancer.  Her service was Sunday, December 20.  The service was spectacular!  The celebration was one we all can only hope for with a lot of beautiful music from strings, piano and voices.  The sanctuary was packed with well over 500 people whom all had been touched in some way by Sharon.  It was truly a wonderful celebration of a special woman’s life.

The service began at 2:00 PM and the sun was behind the clouds.  However, about 45 minutes into the service a beam of light came through one of the sky lights running along the top of the sanctuary and this beam of light illuminated Bill; Sharon’s husband.  The light was only on him!  Bill felt the light and looked up at the window and smiled.  Sharon and God were there!  There was no doubt.  It was an awesome moment!

The most interesting part of this is that Bill thought he was imagining the light.  Many emotions are flying during a time like that and he thought he wanted something like that so badly that he imagined it.  No one saw it but my wife and then she pointed it out to me and I was able to witness God’s generosity as well.  Bill was even more moved by God’s gift to him that day once he found out he wasn’t the only one who saw the light.

God is generous to us even in times of grief.  No one can explain to me why a 48 year old humble servant and the mother of a 14 year old got cancer and couldn’t beat it.  We all get angry at things we don’t understand and sometimes even get angry with God during times of tragedy, but God is there and knows much better than we do what needs to happen.  We must always trust God and keep our eyes open to His presence so we can receive his presents, which sometimes come in a ray of sunshine.  I will miss you SJB.

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