Alan Wildes, Generosity Coach

Father, coach, and servant leader, Alan’s life has been transformed by generosity. Serving churches for the last 20 years, he is an experienced guide helping ministries live out their God–inspired vision. If you’re looking to accelerate generosity to maximize ministry effectiveness, Alan would love to help you get there.



Alan has coached leaders from all kinds of churches. He’ll walk you through an assessment of current giving, a new Generosity Game Plan that fits within your culture, and the implementation process. You can begin today with a free Generosity Pulse Report from your congregation. 

What Do Pastors Say?

“I’ve worked with Alan in two campaigns and he’s been very faithful in both campaigns. His personality style, his approach to leadership, his approach to connecting with people worked well with us. And I believe if you’ll take time to speak with him, interview him, let some of your key leaders meet with him, you’ll see that he may be a good fit for your church too.”
Robert Jackson
Peninsula Baptist Church
“We knew we really needed to change the culture of the church and we felt like Alan gave us the best opportunity to do that. Our budget increased by more than 10 percent; our building campaign was a 5 million dollar campaign and we raised 4.8 million of it, which blew my mind. But even beyond that, it was the coaching aspect of Alan helping me understand what it’s like to serve in a larger church and the ways that I needed to change my focus a little bit. And that’s really changed my ministry for the better.”
David Christy
First UMC Gastonia
“One thing that I really love about Alan and Generis’ whole approach is it’s all about spiritual growth and advancing the kingdom of God first. And generosity helps make that possible.”
Kyle Thompson
SouthPark Church

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Alan serves as Vice President of Generis, a company that exists to accelerate generosity toward the church's God-inspired vision.

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