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Father, coach, and servant leader, Alan’s life has been transformed by generosity. Serving churches for the last 20 years, he is an experienced guide helping ministries live out their God–inspired vision. If you’re looking to accelerate generosity to maximize ministry effectiveness, Alan would love to help you get there.



Alan has coached leaders from all kinds of churches. He’ll walk you through an assessment of current giving, a new Generosity Game Plan that fits within your culture, and the implementation process. You can begin today with a free Generosity Pulse Report from your congregation. 


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How To Talk To Your Fiancé/Significant Other About Money

Today’s post is especially written for engaged or seriously dating couples. According to this article on, December is now the most popular time to pop the question. That’s right, not only are summer weddings no longer as popular, but hopeful brides-to-be should be on the lookout for small, jewelry sized boxes around the holidays from their significant others. Some of you are not sure if you’re more surprised by that stat or the fact that I was on But

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Thanksgiving Reflections

It has been an interesting fall this year with lots of ‘firsts’ for my family and me.  This is the first time in 15 years we have not had two children at home living under the roof. This is the first time in 15 years we have not had at least one child at home being home schooled. This is the first time ever we are paying college tuition (yikes). This list the first time ever I am really thinking about

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Why should we physically fill out a commitment card?

During a campaign, I am sometimes asked by churches why having a physical commitment card and encouraging the entire congregation is such a big deal. There are some aspects of a campaign or initiative that churches can and should tweak to fit their culture, but a commitment card must remain a staple item.  That seems strong, but here’s why:  Being married to Pam for 28 years now, I still wear a wedding ring as a way of symbolizing my commitment

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Alan serves as Vice President of Generis, a company that exists to accelerate generosity toward the church's God-inspired vision.

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