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Hi.  I’m Alan Wildes and I am a generosity coach.  I work with Generis; a generosity firm based in Atlanta, GA.

This is my personal blog where I primarily focus on how to help leaders accelerate generosity in their churches.  Over a decade of experience tells me that pastors and church leaders want to guide their people toward a lifestyle of generosity and I feel my calling is to help them accomplish that goal.

I write on leadership, communication, and strategy surrounding accelerating generosity in the church.  I occasionally post on personal items that are close to my heart such as my wife and children and baseball along with a book review every now and then.  I also enjoy having guest bloggers to provide my readers with another voice on generosity and issues surrounding generosity.

My goal is to empower leaders with the knowledge, tools and confidence to inspire the people they lead toward a lifestyle of generosity.  I like nothing more than to take the experience and knowledge I have and share it with others in hopes of empowering them to lead in ways they have not done before.

I typically post once a week.  To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via RSS or email.

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My Biography
I have been a coach since I graduated from Pembroke State University in 1991.  I coached at Pembroke for one season and moved on to Middle Tennessee State University for 2 years before becoming the head baseball coach at Riverwood High School in Sandy Springs, GA in 1994.  I thought I would be a baseball coach my entire career.  However, God had other plans.I answered the call into ministry in 2000 when I joined Generis.  I left the professional baseball coaching world where I was coaching teenagers and took those skills to the church world where I began coaching pastors and leaders. It was tough at the beginning for me to see the connection but after a short time I began to see that God put me here to coach people.  All of us have had a coach of some sort along the way and we all know that coaches can get us to do things that we couldn’t do on our own.  That is what I feel I am doing today with pastors and leaders of churches.Generis has evolved over the years from a firm who primarily assisted churches with capital campaigns to a firm who is guiding churches toward accelerated generosity.  I am so proud of the innovation we bring to churches.  We are never settled with the status quo and that makes me want to continue to improve my skills so I can help coach churches and leaders toward the wins they feel God is calling them to.

I have been married to Pam for 21 years.  We have a son Jackson and a daughter Anabelle.  We live in the metro Atlanta area in Alpharetta, GA.  We attend Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA.  In my free time I enjoy running, coaching my children’s sports teams, reading and my favorite of all; hanging out with my wife.

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  1. chrisdickson

    Hello Alan. I was very interested to find your site. I am nearly finished my certification as a professional coach. I am also in ministry, have been for nearly 30 years. My current role is that of teaching and encouraging generosity and giving. So I was thinking about combining the two and thought I’d do a search to see what was out there and I found your site.
    I shall read your articles with interest.

    Christine Iickson

  2. Paul cunningham


    My mother and I were talking about the old days at TA and I did a search to see what you were up to. How’s the family?

    Paul Cunningham

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